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Faith Home for Children Overcoming HIV and AIDS, presently has 30 Children (18 Girls & 12 Boys) as inmates.


FAITH HOME was started in May 2008, to provide institutional care and support to the HIV infected and affected children. It continues to do just that. Efforts to connect with the HIV and AIDS infected and affected families located in high risk villages is now becoming a reality. Faith Home provides services of a trained nurse to attend to the infected persons’ immediate medical needs and instill hope through counseling and prayer at the above homes.
Local Panchayath (Village Council) has allotted a piece of prime land for the Faith Home. By the grace of God, we were able to mobilize innumerable contribution both in cash and kind for putting up two simple structures with thatched roof on the allotted land. Initial hick-ups of roof leaks are mostly plugged by covering tarpaulin on grass roof. Now, only the verandah leaks for some unknown reasons. Travails of the poor are a reality for us. We at Faith Home, have no complaints but sheer gratitude to God.
Faith Home for Children Overcoming HIV and AIDS, presently has 30 Children (18 Girls & 12 Boys) as inmates. More children seeking admission are waitlisted.

AIDS Related Stigma As the Biggest Hurdle …

The hushed silence about HIV and AIDS In rural India is deafening. HIV infected people even today, are subjected to intense stigma and discrimination. Violent attacks on the infected are not uncommon. They are abandoned by their loved ones and shunned by the village community. They suffer refusal of treatment in health centers and are denial of even last rites. As to the travails of the children who are infected and affected, less said the better. Faith Home together with her appellate organization Hyderabad Collective for Study and Action (HYCSA) continues to take up campaign, network and advocacy on issues pertaining to People Living with HIV and AIDS.